“You may think you know”

“I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, I wasn’t sure where I was spending my marketing money and where I was wasting money. I needed a system to bring in all together.
We were doing what we thought made sense, but what we found out is that without consulting customers and doing surveys marketing’s done in a vacuum, and you never get the results you’re looking for.
Use of surveys no one ever talked about in my field. Surveying (impression testing) and promotion approaches is really the only way to get a focus on what your customer is about. You may THINK you know, but until you ask them you don’t. What I learned is:
Survey, survey, survey! Never, never assume anything about your customers. And when you find something is working, work with it and develop it.”

David Scher, owner of 4 stores (ASC), largest auto warehouse in Southern California
Auto Supply Company, Los Angeles, CA

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