(or you make them want it)

A True Story: A friend in high tech told me about a survey done by an executive (CEO) of a company that had software tutorials and wanted to know what business owners wanted help in.

After surveying a list of 15 items, they decided to use the 15th least wanted item from the public’s answers.  It was on how to read a profit and loss statement.  They actually decided to go with this, because the company owner said that’s what they need most and what people don’t understand.  This did not sell well and looking back you can see why. The public didn’t want to do it, even though the client thought they needed it. The company didn’t give them a reason to. These are Two different Things. Also the executive was looking at his own opinion and not from the point of view of the public. Surprise! They did not think like it and didn’t buy.

From over 25 years of conducting surveys, interviews on thousands of people, there are still surprises, things that I would not have thought of unless I surveyed. But companies still make the same mistake of under-utilizing the survey tools to find out. Many mistakes are made that could have been avoided and cost dearly.

Remember, people do not all think alike. And while some may agree with you, they do not think like you do. And you usually can’t sell them something they don’t want, unless you push how much they need it. That’s a lot of work, and unnecessary if you actually find out what they DO want.

Trendcreators finds out what’s on their mind, what they really think and why. This is not something a machine can tell you. It is the dedicated staff that dig deeper, trained to understand what clients really need and want, so they can ask the questions in the right way to find the answers. They also find the emotional levels on each question and ask for more as needed so that all the public’s thoughts are voiced. Not biased, not what we think.

Top companies value our experience, with over 25 years experience we are able to write specific research questions that zero in to get the answers they need. We do this for any business, whether entrepreneurs starting out, businesses having trouble, or those wanting to expand. We can get the answers for you. Because we care about knowing, and don’t assume we already know.

Note: Entrepreneurs with more thorough research in their business plans, such as research surveys TrendCreators conducts either in person, over the phone, Skype or online, have better success getting their company off the ground. Even authors (or filmmakers) with a new book need to know what title, what the public will think about their book or film, and what they really want. Having this exact information to create whole marketing strategies, publicity campaigns, website presence, social media campaigns, promotional pieces and advertising or PR campaigns using online resources and all the digital avenues of promotion is even more vital now. Business owners need to Know what will work best, Know what to say, Know what their targeted people will want, Know before they go… and before they spend thousands on campaigns that don’t work!  Get the information first and create RESULTS. 

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