Is Chat GBT going to do away with actual original

Some of my business associates use Chat GBT to send out their newsletters and even to have it put together by the AI from previous writing of theirs. The fact that some forget is you have to have an understanding of what your public or clients want first. We do the research to find out.

I talked to a great friend who is known as the Branding King, just before he was hopping a plane for a big meeting. I wanted to check with him since I was working with a bigger managed service tech company provider, expanding in different countries and wanted a new positioning and motto. Surveys were all done, with some great results with high percentage buttons. The main thing their clients wanted was reliability and did not want unreliable service. They wanted no disruptions of service and wanted things to go smoothly. They were mainly interested in how good their Customer Service was.

The key thing I see is AI and any technology is only as good as the people behind it. It is always the Human element that gets missed. The Branding friend told me as a matter of fact the conference he was going to was about the fact that AI goes only so far. The human element is the key. People are the ones receiving and giving services. People are not AI.

It can be the next greatest thing, but if it does not somehow help or expand Human development, human interaction, human inspiration then it is just an aid. An Aid to help communicate an idea, an idea that came from a Person. Take a look at all the things humans have invented and created for millions of years. These are the things that will be remembered in the end. Not the AI or technology behind it. It is interesting that there are some private schools where the kids learn communication skills, how to present things to others, how things work and grow, what code of conduct people can follow that achieves the most positive results and others that have the kids put together their own books, do their own research and have many field trips out in the world. I first got a real glimpse of the world after high school when I traveled all the way to Nepal and saw so many types of people in dozens of countries. They all had created something unique to them.

Big or little, people are curious and want to find something they can do, and something that can help others also. Artists now have so much tech at their disposal to create whole environments (film) or paintings and sculpture that excites or relieves the soul, music that can change people’s mind or feelings, and books that tell some truth and make us think, dream, plan. This is what being humans is about. Their hopes, dreams, abilities, and actions. To say that AI is the be-all-do-all is short sighted and leaves all the qualities of being human out of the equation. Yes, people can be complicated, but that is also part of the mix and why we may find others interesting.

Use AI to help do things, but don’t put it on a pedestal. What is it You can do? What do you want to do? In my art non-profit as well as in my marketing business that is of the highest interest to me and others. The Human element. You and Me.
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