Most business owners don’t do much asking around and finding out what people really think about them.  They are surprised when they find out it is not what they thought!  But that is what you need to KNOW…before you spend time and money on the wrong promotion or website.

You have heard that 20% of small businesses fail in their first year, 30% of small business fail in their second year, and 50% of small businesses fail after five years in business.

Finally, you should know that 70% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business.  WHY?

Yes, these are facts. As an entrepreneur, as well as someone struggling in business, this makes it VITAL to find out how to gain new customers, new business or more clients AND KEEP THEM COMING.

GOOD NEWS!  There is something you can do about it.

When was the last time you really had someone ASK YOU something about what you think?  Mostly we keep our opinions to ourselves except for family or close friends. 

The smart businesses do their research and find out exactly what their target audience think (the people they want to attract and interest) about them or their service or products. And what would interest them in buying?

Sales can be much simpler and easier when you KNOW what they want and need and Don’t Guess.

For instance: A developer wanted to create a website in a large city for the public there who like to call and order chefs and food for at-home cooking. When surveying and researching it, we found some of these sites failed already because the chefs wanted a steady job in a restaurant, were continual chef “students”, or had trouble with scheduling.  The good news is they found out ahead of time, found out what was really the case, and saved money (and time).

Another client in a major city had a dental practice going well, but did not have a product for the older denture wearers, who were also a more affluent public. Survey interviews found out they wanted something more comfortable, but of high quality. A new product “Quality Fit Dentures” was born and increased the practice dramatically. (they hired more dentists, much more client flow, more income, bigger building, etc.)

Still a third client had a great idea to expand his small security protection company.  An Interview survey of school heads around the US found that the private high schools lacked the full preparations and know-how to prevent school security breaches, shootings, etc. and didn’t know exactly what to look for.  The client created an in-depth training program online and some off line, for the school heads and teachers as well as the student body.  This was done in video form using the survey data, buttons, and research. It was very well received and has greatly expanded the business nationally.

WHAT DO ALL OF THESE HAVE IN COMMON? *No magic formula, but hard-won research information straight from the mouths of those who are your correct audience.

We use teams of trained professional communicators that know how to get all the answers, pull the things people don’t want to say, get the emotional responses, and also really find the value, benefit, and motivation behind WHY they want what they want. And they are usually happy they got to tell us what they really think!

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Lynda Hubbard, President 

What clients are saying: 
“can provide a tremendous service for you. She can survey your patients or customers on what you and her feel is important and find out what they want. You can then deliver your PR message to those issues. You now are coming from knowledge on what they want and value and can design your advertising to fit that. Trendcreators “ Lynda Hubbard and Dr. Bryan Keropian – Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills

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