What Does Marketing Mean?

In modern times this means to simply take any idea, or product, or service, through a process to get it out to the target audience (people) on the right channels in exchange for something (either money or barter!). If it’s great but no one sees it, it is not marketed. If it is good, and gets out to the people who actually want it and DO pay for it, it has just been marketed.

When you get a perspective on marketing, even a local doctor, small business owner, or artist can see that they need to present themselves to their specific market and there are specific ways to do this.
“Every Market is not the Same”-What does Marketing involve?

It is a whole process not just one action. The marketing process includes public relations, advertising, promotion, publicity, and the sales process. These are main components under the heading “marketing”.

Marketing is not just sales. It is also not just advertising and promotion. In fact, it starts with public relations or word of mouth. After all, you have to start somewhere, if only telling your friends and associates about your new idea or company. In the case of larger companies, who have public offerings and national sales campaigns, the same thing applies except on a larger scale.

The strategy of making yourself or your company well known and well thought of is Public Relations. In the entertainment industry they know this and utilize publicity (press releases and press conferences for the media) which is conducted based upon PR strategy. Also blogs (mini-press releases, articles or reviews, people’s opinions, photos and videos, etc.) on the Internet are important and spread word of mouth.
The most successful businesses use market research studies and gather information about what their target audience think and want before launching a campaign. This can be done in a simple way, and does not have to cost a fortune.

If you get inside their heads somehow and find out what your target audience really think or value most, you have a better chance of delivering that and getting paid!

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