Discover your “Magic Buttons” in a Week with Fast Track Surveys!

Today there are many concerns with market research and surveys that must be addressed. Trend Creators can help!

  • Uncover the “Buttons” that drive sales. We reveal the exact wording that attracts, interests, and compels your target audience in 2024.
  • Special “Fast-Track Survey Service”. Uncover the “Buttons” that drive sales.  Our Fast-Track online survey reveals the exact wording that attracts, interests, and compels them to buy. 100+ Online Surveys for only $1500 completed in one week!
  • Go beyond multiple choice limitations. Unlike traditional surveys, ours capture in-depth written responses revealing their true thoughts, feelings, and desires for deeper customer insights.
  • Adapt to changing market trends. Understand how current events and economic shifts impact your audience’s needs, buying behavior, and desires in 2024.
  • Boost sales and client base. Leverage actionable data and tailored recommendations to create effective marketing strategies that generate results.
  • Get real answers, fast. Our one-week turnaround provides actionable data and tailored recommendations to craft powerful marketing strategies that drive results.
    NOTE: This does not replace the full in-person or phone surveys we’re known for over 30 years. But clients need fast answers sometimes because of changing environments and 2020 was a doozy!

We are not mind readers and we don’t use “AI” – we find out by asking them. It is the tried-and-true way to really know.  I have developed an online survey that is NOT “multiple choice” and lets them write anything they want for each question. How they phrase things, their attitudes, are all important to gain knowledge of what their Buttons are (the things that attract and interest them as well as get them to buy).

 –Lynda Hubbard, President of Trend Creators

Don’t miss out! Secure your Fast-Track Survey today and start maximizing your marketing ROI for only $1500. 
Call Today: 818-486-8553 to speak with Lynda Hubbard, President.

“Very high quality surveys. They are unique in that they don’t just write down what the person said but also evaluate the emotional state of the person not just overall but PER QUESTION. Wow. The surveyors are really sharp people trained to observe.”
Biff Corbot
“I hired Trendcreators in Oct. 2022 to help me find the right buttons to advertise to my hearing aid patients and educate people more about hearing. Run it by Lynda Hubbard. This company is so professional and really knows their technology on how to get good responses through a survey by phone. Although it wasn’t inexpensive, it was worth every penny. My ads were doing nothing to bring in new clients and I had been in the business for over 25 years. After the detailed survey Lynda spent hours with me to show me how to use the data they got and make a good ad. The new ads have brought in 20% more business than before this data. So it paid for itself 3-fold. If you want to hire true professionals and need help growing your business, I highly recommend TrendCreators and Lynda Hubbard to get he job done efficiently, professionally, and correctly.”
-Nola Aronson
“The survey done for me by Trendcreators was excellent! The information provided was very usable and allowed us to more precisely and accurately define out audience! Highly recommended to anyone interested in accurate and effective marketing information.”
Clifford Woods
Just a few of Trend Creators Happy Customers!

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