Especially when it is hard to spot and maybe unknown or unseen for some reason.
We can often get distracted and there are even more things happening to make us lose focus lately.

Sometimes when working or doing something hard or requiring focus we forget there are flow lines running all throughout the body as well as in life. These invisible flows are felt rather than seen, and boy can they give you trouble if they are not straight and free flowing!  Aberration means there is a crookedness, not straightforward or healthy, and confusions or upsets in the flow lines emanating from your body or elsewhere.
To flow smoothly you want no crookedness or bends, which are usually spots of stress, to the flows in your mind, body and in life. Flows regulate all the body and even affect the environment around you.

Think of when you were a child, or perhaps a time you felt wonderfully alive. Or you just got new business and the money it flowing. Those are times you were just yourself doing what you know best, and happy with life. What happened after that? By our decision alone we can change things so let’s make it happen.

The power of a person is measured by the distance around him in his environment that he can control. Control is not a bad thing if you can use good sense and good judgment. How much of your environment can you control? Yourself, your household, your friends and family, your business, the area you live in, your state or country? 

Sounds like we all need a harmonious alignment these days and it especially stands out in the Arts. Let’s work on it little by little and we can expand our reach so that it encompasses and helps build the world we want.
A world without the strife and masquerade we have been faced with for way too long. Do what you can each day to be yourself and build or create that for yourself and your family and friends. Then increase it to all those you can influence in your life. It will make the difference.

And for you, my friends, I wish you all the best!

Lynda Cain Hubbard  
President, Trend creators market research and strategy

Text: 818-486-8553 or leave a phone message

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