George C Gluchowski

I have known Lynda Hubbard of Trendcreators for many years now and have thought well of her during this time. The market research she provides is as valuable as the very air we breathe. She uses and applies a unique technology unlike any other on the planet. As the CEO of Hugo House Publishers, Ltd. the ability to get inside and to parallel the mind of the potential reader is truly fabulous. The several Hugo House authors who have utilized Ms. Hubbard’s research have greatly benefited from this intimate knowledge. Ms. Hubbard and her team have the ability to get into live personal communication with specific book buying publics. They have an amazing ability to “pull the string” or to get to the very bottom of any topic or issue. Thus not only do we get to see exactly inside the mind of an author’s audience but we get to discuss the likes and dislikes along with discovering the hopes and dreams that this audience wishes. In addition to discerning truly what is needed and wanted, Ms. Hubbard’s reports provide answers in the exact language that specific audience uses. This is a tremendous boon to the author and copywriters of the marketing materials. The publishing world is experiencing a constantly changing landscape and has become a tremendously intricate labyrinth. To guide our authors through this without Ms. Hubbard’s research is akin to traveling without a map and to flying completely blind in the thickest of fogs. With her research, any fog is dispelled and the path is well taped and lit by bright sunlight.

Barry Shereshevsky
Creative Director and CEO / Shereshevshy Design Group

Ms. Hubbard fully understands and duplicates how to market using survey technology. Her product is “knowledge and understanding your marketplace” and my clients have been extremely happy when receiving and using the data she gathers to expand their services and products.

Ms. Hubbard and her team do stellar work! I am never disappointed in the results I get from Trendcreators. It is always thorough, complete and right on the money. We have helped so many clients with correct market research – saving them thousands of dollars by taking out mistakes and waste that comes from “the guessing game.” And our own market research has told us everything we wanted to know, from the buttons to the preferred pricing…and when we apply the data we always come out winning. My advice? In today’s business environment you need to be get smart – so do it right the first time…use Trendcreators for your market research.

David Sanders
Master Consultant, Seminar Speaker, Author, CEO / Creative Business Strategies, Inc.

Lynda Hubbard does an excellent job with clients. Having worked closely with Ms. Hubbard for some time, she knows marketing and market research and ably communicates that to our clients. When she takes on a survey or project, I know that I can count on it being done in a timely manner and that she’ll get it right the first time. I highly recommend her!

Willard Michlin

I would like to validate you for a very good survey. I am extremely impressed with the product you have sent me.

The marketing program you wrote (for a client) is brilliant. Excellent!

David Scher

I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, I wasn’t sure where I was spending my marketing money and where I was wasting money. I needed a system to bring in all together. We were doing what we thought made sense, but what we found out is that without consulting customers and doing surveys marketing’s done in a vacuum, and you never get the results you’re looking for. Use of surveys no one ever talked about in my field. Surveying (impression testing) and promotion approach is really the only way to get a focus on what your customer is about. You may THINK you know, but until you ask them you don’t. What I learned is: Survey, survey, survey! Never, never assume anything about your customers. And when you find something is working, work with it and develop it.

Dr. George Malnati

Since I have been working with Trendcreators, my income has continued to rise. It’s funny, but many of us feel we have the tools to help our business, but we just don’t have proper application. Trendcreators gives me guidance on implementation and that’s the key! You can get ideas from a million sources, but how do you put it all together and apply proper implementation? Well, just ask Lynda Hubbard!

E.Terino, M.D.

After being in practice almost three decades, we thought we pretty much had all bases covered, yet had reached a flatpoint in our income. In just a few months with Trendcreators we doubled our income and more! If you want more new customers or patients, I highly recommend you call them.

Dr. G. Springer
President / AESTHETICS, Inc.

All too often marketing can be viewed as a gamble, a fate that is anyone’s guess and a subject that seems full of MYSTERY. Trendcreators has the tools to stack the deck in your favor, to take the guesswork out of your marketing, and to solve the mystery before your very eyes.