It is hard to trust when we look around and see divisiveness and people arguing, looking confused and not trusting each other. 
Why aren’t we working things out fairly, honestly, even if having to make tough decisions? 

We should be confident about ourselves and what we believe in. Our basic beliefs haven’t gone away. We may not refer to them much but take a look. We would be confident things will work out if we really believed in it. You can tell when things are going crazy and when they are going well. For most people life in 2016 up to 2020 went a lot better than 2020 until now. It is not rocket science to compare those times and decide for yourself.
People have a spiritual side and it is important to trust yourself as well as the God or individuals you trust. (He or she may be busy, so trust yourself too!)
It is up to us to pull it together and make things go right, honest, and fair.

Whether it is voting, or in your business or your family life. Make decisions and actions that you trust will make things better.

Happiness is not found in a drug, especially the unnatural drugs from big Pharma we have today on top of fentanyl!  Try to stick to more natural remedies for real healing. By the way…who thinks drug company advertisements are the worst? Yeah, lots of made-up names for manufactured substances. And now the psychiatrists are trying to bring back ECT- Electro Shock “therapy”!  What next?

Back to nature. Keep your own counsel and trust your instincts for the truth. If you had to imagine a country that was secretly under daily attack, but there was no war declared and it seemed like all was peachy, it may look a lot like right here, in the USA…
Yes, you need to get out in nature, walk around, ride, play, and see friends and family.  Go to art shows, museums, parks, the ocean, or your favorite spot. And make your own plans on how you want to create happiness.  You may already have a favorite non-profit to share with or your family. Or start a project, there are talented artists all around us trying to create a better world. I have a couple suggestions: 

  1. Don’t answer spam or calls or texts or emails from people you don’t know or don’t know the organization. (there are a lot of scams going on online, I know. This last year someone took a lot of money out of my account online) Secure your accounts.
  2. Have a daily battle plan of what you are going to do and Do that.
  3. Make plans that encourage more happiness for you and others, rather than things you don’t like or need. Stick to it.
  4. Get out and do things more, if only a run or walk. Really look at the beauty around you outside. There are animals, birds, paths, waterfalls, oceans, mountains, and villages that can bring a smile to you and others with you. Try any form of art, photography, painting, drawing, dance, writing, acting, singing…experiment. Get out of your head as a business owner, and into a beautiful environment around you.Looking at screens all day is not healthy.
  5. Let yourself feel good and any inspirations flow! Write them down.

You are fully responsible for what you do and show others. Show them the best side of you, ok?You don’t have to go along with bad actors or whatever you feel is shoved down your throat. Spit it right back up!

If you need research, surveys or a business analysis let me know.

Be happy my friends and TRUST yourself, despite what life throws you way. You are important.

Lynda Cain Hubbard
President, Trend creators market research and strategy

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