Daniel Lonstein

Daniel Lonstein President and CRO

"Airespring recently worked on 5 different survey and research programs with Lynda Hubbard of TrendCreators. Lynda was extremely knowledgeable about the methodology and process and helped us to formulate appropriate questions and structure so that we could achieve objective results from the work. With the addition of her invaluable work on appropriate tabulation of complex data sets, we were able to obtain actionable insights that allowed us to refine our positioning, branding and clearly understand our customer value drivers."

Clifford Woods

Clifford Woods Business Consultant

“The survey done for me by Trendcreators was excellent! The information provided was very usable and allowed us to more precisely and accurately define our audience! Highly recommended to anyone interested in accurate and effective marketing information.” -Clifford Woods, August 3, 2023

Nola Aronson

Nola Aronson M.A. top audiologist

“I hired Trendcreators in Oct. 2021 to help me find the right buttons to advertise to my hearing aid patients and educate people more about hearing. Run it by Lynda Hubbard. This company is so professional and really knows their technology on how to get good responses through a survey by phone. Although it wasn’t inexpensive, it was worth every penny. My ads were doing nothing to bring in new clients and I had been in the business for over 25 years. After the detailed survey Lynda spent hours with me to show me how to use the data they got and make a good ad. The new ads have brought in 20% more business than before this data. So it paid for itself 3-fold. If you want to hire true professionals and need help growing your business, I highly recommend TrendCreators and Lynda Hubbard to get he job done efficiently, professionally, and correctly."

Bruce Wiseman

Bruce Wiseman On Target Research CEO, Speaker, Author of a Financial newsletter and several books

"I have known Lynda for 30 years. She is a person of deep integrity and works tirelessly in getting the job done. I know her as a person who works for the good of all concerned and know that she is a person one can count on."

Barry Shereshevshy

Barry Shereshevshy Creative Director and CEO / Shereshevshy Design Group

"Ms. Hubbard fully understands and duplicates how to market using survey technology. Her product is “knowledge and understanding your marketplace” and my clients have been extremely happy when receiving and using the data she gathers to expand their services and products"

David Sanders

David Sanders Seminar Speaker, Author, CEO / Creative Business Strategies, Inc.

"Lynda Hubbard does an excellent job with clients. Having worked closely with Ms. Hubbard for some time, she knows marketing and market research and ably communicates that to our clients. When she takes on a survey or project, I know that I can count on it being done in a timely manner and that she’ll get it right the first time. I highly recommend her!"

Willard Michlin

Willard Michlin Kismet REI

I would like to validate you for a very good survey. I am extremely impressed with the product you have sent me.

Craig Ferrara

Craig Ferrara CEO / Survival Strategies, business consultants, Los Angeles, CA

"The marketing program you wrote (for a client) is brilliant. Excellent!"

Cathy Morfopoulos

Cathy Morfopoulos Real Estate Loan Agent & Vice President of Development at Foundation for a Drug-Free World Los Angeles

“Trend Creators Inc., has been a major help to me. I am an active volunteer for my local community. Sometimes I needed a trusted source to do a survey and Trend Creators did a wonderful job on two occasions. The value to a professional survey is that it finds out what the members of the community really think about a problem and how to solve it. The insight gained was invaluable! Thanks to Trend Creators, my projects were successful as I had accurate information to start the project. The professionalism and on time delivery were excellent! Thank you for all your help!”

David Scher

David Scher Owner of 4 stores / Auto Supply Company, Los Angeles, CA

"I don’t think I’m alone in saying this, I wasn’t sure where I was spending my marketing money and where I was wasting money. I needed a system to bring in all together. We were doing what we thought made sense, but what we found out is that without consulting customers and doing surveys marketing’s done in a vacuum, and you never get the results you’re looking for. Use of surveys no one ever talked about in my field. Surveying (impression testing) and promotion approach is really the only way to get a focus on what your customer is about. You may THINK you know, but until you ask them you don’t. What I learned is: Survey, survey, survey! Never, never assume anything about your customers. And when you find something is working, work with it and develop it"

E.Terino, M.D.

E.Terino, M.D. Founder & President / Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California

"After being in practice almost three decades, we thought we pretty much had all bases covered, yet had reached a flat point in our income. In just a few months with Trendcreators we doubled our income and more! If you want more new customers or patients, I highly recommend you call them"

Rusty Tweed

Rusty Tweed CEO / Mold Zero Los Angeles

"Lynda ( Trendcreators President) has helped us with surveys that have really helped give us an insight to our customers and people interested in our business. She is very helpful and goes out of her way to make sure you are successful. Thanks Lynda!!"

Micheal Mannogian

Micheal Mannogian Logo Design, North Hollywood CA

“Lynda (TrendCreators) has been a pro at this for decades. She KNOWS what she’s doing, and is very effective at it. RESULTS! That’s the name of the game…and SHE gets them!”

Fred King


“I hired TrendCreators to do surveys on our current and past clients. We were able to get great buttons and a usable summary that I was able to put to use right away. Also, I’m building a campaign around the data for 2021 that I know will really help bring our current and past clients into better communication. The data is invaluable as the saying goes: “Know before you go.”

Churchill Claims Services

Churchill Claims Services

“Our company used Trend Creators based on an understanding about the importance of using surveys to make marketing more effective. The service description and testimonials looked just right and so we went ahead. We received detailed survey results that covered both existing customers and prospects. The results were crystal clear and showed us what to stress in our marketing including, subject, wording, and images. Now we can proceed with confidence that our marketing is focused correctly. The survey results we very detailed and enlightening. The process of getting there was a team effort and everything was nicely tailored for our needs. We highly recommend using Trend Creators.”

Brian E

Brian E Industrial Cleaning industry

From a recent company in the Industrial Cleaning industry who received a positioning package of surveys and recommendations to boost their business---“We are very appreciative and thankful for the thorough report and the information we can use going forward.” B.E.

Nico Vosloo, Artist

Nico Vosloo, Artist TESTIMONIAL:. FOR SEMINAR GIVEN BY Lynda Hubbard for Artists for a Better World

“The whole feel of the event was enlightening. It’s okay to be an artist! With the information, it gave me a new spurt. Emailing (internet) was formidable to me before, but you put it in such a way that it’s okay, that I could understand it. There was so much enthusiasm from other artists too, and your seminar communicated. I really loved it!”

Marc Bosserman

Marc Bosserman Professional Composer, Performer, and Studio producer

“I’ve greatly expanded my studio and production work based on what we came up with. My current affluence came from I am thinking, a backlog…in one month I had every big client hit me up and I started playing live gigs like crazy. (This is right after analysis) But I also feel that it comes from some other actions that I need to double down on not necessarily from music production" (analysis items).

Dr G Springer

Dr G Springer President / AESTHETICS, Inc.

"All too often marketing can be viewed as a gamble, a fate that is anyone’s guess and a subject that seems full of MYSTERY. Trendcreators has the tools to stack the deck in your favor, to take the guesswork out of your marketing, and to solve the mystery before your very eyes"

Soloman Smith

Soloman Smith Owner Smith & Co

"The surveys you did brought results. They helped us to put in our promotion the actual buttons that were important to our public rather than the buttons we thought were important. As a result, our promotion communicates the desired message much more clearly than before. Thanks to you!"

Dr. George Malnati,

Dr. George Malnati, Medical Clinic

"Since I have been working with Trendsetters (Lynda), my income has continued to rise. "It's funny, but many of us feel we have the tools to help our business, but we just don't have proper application. Trendsetters gives me guidance on implementation and that's the key! "You can get ideas from a million sources, but how do you put it all together and apply proper implementation? Well, just ask Lynda!"

George C Gluchowski,

George C Gluchowski, Hugo House Publishers

I have known Lynda Hubbard of TRENDSETTERS for many years now and have thought well of her during this time. The market research she provides is as valuable as the very air we breathe. She uses and applies a unique technology unlike any other. As the CEO of Hugo House Publishers, Ltd. the ability to get inside and to parallel the mind of the potential reader is truly fabulous. The several Hugo House authors who have utilized Lynda’s research have greatly benefited from this intimate knowledge. Lynda and her team have the ability to get into live personal communication with specific book buying publics. They have an amazing ability to “pull the string” or to get to the very bottom of any topic or issue. Thus not only do we get to see exactly inside the mind of an author’s audience but we get to discuss the likes and dislikes along with discovering the hopes and dreams that this audience wishes. In addition to discerning truly what is needed and wanted, Lynda’s reports provide answers in the exact language that specific audience uses. This is a tremendous boon to the author and copywriters of the marketing materials. The publishing world is experiencing a constantly changing landscape and has become a tremendously intricate labyrinth. To guide our authors through this without Lynda’s research is akin to traveling without a map and to flying completely blind in the thickest of fogs. With her research, any fog is dispelled, and the path is well taped and lit by bright sunlight. Sincerely tendered,

Don Jarvis

Don Jarvis High Tech

“I just want to thank Trendcreators for the great service they provided for my company. The whole area of surveys and the how to really do them correctly was a whole learning curve that just overwhelmed me. Well, no more worries, Lynda at Trendcreators has the know-how, and they just took the data I provided about the market I am in and handled the whole project from there. Not only did they provide timely service but gave great attention to the details of the final product, by taking care to ensure I understood the results and how to use them. Having the correct buttons for use in my marketing campaign has given me the tools I need to move forward with great confidence. I now know what my market needs and wants, and that is a major mystery now solved. What a relief to know this data! I totally recommend Trendcreator’s services.”

Allen Banks

Allen Banks CEO, Safeground Training

“ Lynda Hubbard’s team at Trendsetters and TrendCreators, expertly accumulated data that we are able to structure our promotion upon. This is invaluable for our marketing campaign. Lynda provided us with a detailed report that we are using for our success with all the hot buttons. The surveys took out preconceived notions and gave us accurate data, which strengthened our certainty of approach and got results.”

Dr. Bryan Keropian

Dr. Bryan Keropian Full Breath Center of Beverly Hills

“ Lynda Hubbard at Trendcreators can provide a tremendous service for you. She can survey your patients or customers on what you and her feel is important and find out what they want. You can then deliver your PR message to those issues. You now are coming from knowledge on what they want and value and can design your advertising to fit that.”

Dr. Jeffrey Alvarado, DDS

Dr. Jeffrey Alvarado, DDS Lakes Family Dental, McAllen, TX

“Lynda and the team at Trendcreators has been instrumental with their survey services of my area. She has been able to pin-point exactly what my public thinks and needs from my services. Her surveys have really enlightened a complete point of view from my public that and I had no idea they viewed my profession this way. Thank you, Lynda, for helping me be able to reach out to my potential patients in ways I never dreamed possible.”

Kathy Morrill

Kathy Morrill Director of Special Projects in the LA Community

“I recently contacted Lynda Hubbard as I needed a survey done on a project I was working on, and I needed it fast. As you might know, surveys are a vital part of marketing. Knowing what your customer’s need and how they feel about your type of product is vastly important in the promotion that you do. I contacted Lynda for a survey that was needed super-fast to meet a very big deadline that was fast approaching. Lynda responded immediately! Herself and her team of professionals understood what I needed and, without hesitation, got the job done. I received a very professional result which I was able to use right away! I met my deadline and was thrilled to see that the results of the survey made all the difference in my project. Thank you, Lynda, for your care and attention to detail. The job you delivered was exactly what I hoped for!” The very best to you,

Kevin Wilson

Kevin Wilson CEO Sterling Management

“After not being able to find a good mailing list for years, Lynda was able to obtain one that was 86% accurate! The best we could get before her efforts was only 70% accurate. This will save us tens of thousands of dollars per year but best of all, more people will be getting our message. Thank you, Lynda for your superior service and help!” With lots of admiration,