EXAMPLES : How research and surveys are used to create new business!

1. From research and surveys conducted for a company teaching others about the internet (for tutorials when the Internet was fairly new), all the buttons on the confusions people had came out. Most wanted to have it made “simple”, “easy to follow”. Also they liked “visual things” on a website, not just photographs. We worked with the client closely and from the Hot buttons and the designer had the idea to create a fun character who went from page to page, moving through, as things were explained during the tutorial. This was a little cartoon character of a guy in a bright red sports car going from page to page, like he was traveling across the country. It was very well received and increased business immediately.

2. A large cosmetic dental clinic in Houston wanted to find out about a new product they were developing. We had previously conducted surveys, wrote marketing plans with tv ads and promotional campaigns, and helped train their marketing executive, so their business had greatly increased so that one executive was now keeping several different cosmetic dentists busy. The new survey showed the top buttons on a new denture product the public wanted was “quality” and “fit”. We then did a naming survey and found that overwhelmingly the public liked “Quality Fit Dentures”. This was then trademarked by the client and is a successful product they introduced.

3. For a diagnostic software company, a series of surveys including the positioning and research was conducted. What came up showed the public felt diagnostic software was “complex’ and what they really wanted was a “a tool” for them to use on the internet. We came up with the WinProbe packaging based upon the research. It was a red tool kit with a black handle, easy to pull off the shelf, and very familiar to the public. This packaging won 7th place at Marcom for packaging which was out of hundreds submitted. It was very successfully marketed so that the company itself was successfully bought by Quarterdeck.

These are just a few of the stories of client success using standard research and marketing actions.

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