Promotion and Public Relations Research Surveys: What Can They Do for You?

The answer is to effectively gain favor and credibility with your target market.

Surveys that that are used for consumer research, healthcare market research, product surveys, and for B2B marketing agencies with accurate hot buttons show they produce a better response when used in promotion. So when we conduct a PR (public relations) survey for you, we can get the same great response for your causes and your image and create a favorable public awareness of you or your product that pays off in more ways than you know.

There’s a war going on out there online. The assault is on your mind and the weapons used are words and pictures. The words and pictures have won when they have caught your attention and captured your dollars for a service or a product.

TrendCreators utilizes precise marketing technology for research, surveys, and “brand positioning” that is applied to real-world business situations and promotion so you stand out and have a fighting chance to gain support for your services, product, or anything you create.

Another way to stand out besides marketing is PR, but public relations for small business can be confusing!

PR involves finding out what the public feels about your company and presenting yours in the very best light. You can use this for a company, a product, your services, a person, or a worthy cause. Do they see the good things you do, the effectiveness of your product or services? What do they think about the causes you support? What do they tell others about you, and are they are loyal to your brand or products?

If you have them thinking well of you, spreading good things about you, and loyally looking for any further offers or information about you, this can greatly increase your market (and revenue!)

What can we do? Find out what’s missing in your marketing and PR actions. Don’t waste your money and valuable time trying strategies without testing them first.

Our initial package includes a free 36-point analysis checklist covering all marketing actions and our recommendations, to spot what is needed, what is missing, what is not working and why, so you can turn it around fast.

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