In the world of Marketing Research and Marketing it pays to know The Trends

A trend is any form of collective behavior that develops within a culture, a generation or social group in which a group of people enthusiastically follow an impulse for a short period. Here at Trend Creators we like to stay on top of the game and we’ve isolated what makes the market tick. As of Augus 2023 we’ve got a list for you:

  1. There is AI that Boosts Business Productivity (it can make ads, put in pictures, images, videos, from things already done). This is helpful, but does the Ad contain what is going to attract and interest people? The Buttons need to be researched and used. And recent within this year.
  2. Employees Actively Seek Out Remote and Hybrid Work. I find that my teams work better if at their own places, since they contact and interview the public. But other businesses find their workers may not produce as much. Only those with solid communication skills are on my team.
  3. CONSUMER BEHAVIOR CHANGES. Yes, lots happened, clients are online more and because of covid have a lot of attention on their health. I never push fear or misinformation on my clients. “Keep it honest” and don’t upset them with any bad news or lies. This works best.
  4. AI APPLICATIONS (large language models) are trained to pay attention to contextual relationships between the words and patterns seen in sentences. From there, it can put together content on its own. This can help or hinder if you are not really familiar with it. Most of it is not perfected yet. What
    humans I work with do with data is talk to specific people with specific questions, get answers, tabulate, analyze, and create promotion or Ads.
  5. E-COMMERCE of all kinds. This has become the ultimate Marketplace. In 2021, global e-commerce sales totaled $5.2 trillion and that number is expected to grow 56% over the next four years, reaching $8.1 trillion by 2026. Best to have your products or services online, and many have their own online stores. Getting more sales this way still requires saying the right things in your promo or ads and doing the right things with your customer service.
  6. Businesses are also leveraging 5G connectivity via the “Internet of Things “(IoT) in order to improve business operations and launch new services. This is especially true with automation. Overall, this means businesses will have more data from more diverse sources at faster speeds. Then they can put that intelligence to work in real time. Good to Keep up with the speed of change.
  7. At the height of the pandemic, 71% of Americans who had jobs that could be done from home were working exclusively from home. I encourage my staff to work from home if they pass the training. Out of 50 people applying for a surveyor job, I only found 8 that could really communicate well and smoothly interview people. Several of them are still with me today.
  8. Estimates showed 4.74 billion users currently on social media as of October. We’re seeing increased Ad Spending following this. It means more effective promotion, researched and written with the Buttons to attract and interest the public on social media.
  9. TikTok ads are one marketing strategy that’s increasingly used by businesses in nearly all industries. 80% of people responding say that the most important group they belong to operates online. HubSpot reports 64% of marketers planned to invest in social media communities in 2022 and on. Social commerce opportunity will more than triple by 2025. Use it.
  10. In addition, we’re already seeing brands shift toward connecting with more authentic influencers who can impact smaller communities. Realize you can be an influencer in your own area if you connect with your audience. We can help with that, providing research information and top buttons from in-depth surveys so you Know how they think! We also have a studio for video.
  11. Research from IBM and the National Retail Federation shows that half of US consumers say they’re willing to pay more for “sustainable products”, and 62% of consumers are willing to change their shopping habits in order to reduce their environmental impact. Globally, reports show that 85% of people have changed their purchasing habits to become more sustainable in the past five years. Find out what those changes are for your industry=Market Research.
    Here are some facts: Environmental activists refer to the way the world operates now as a linear economy businesses take materials from the earth and customers eventually throw them out as waste. In contrast, a circular economy focuses on keeping materials and products in use for as long as possible. This is why the push for legitimate sustainability. Saving money and resources. If businesses invest in reusing and recycling there could be a savings of $1 trillion per year.

    SPEED: Nearly 80% of consumers say they’re more likely to make a purchase if they can get delivery in two days or less. 30% of consumers are willing to pay more for same-day delivery and 65% are willing to pay more for 1 to 2 day shipping. Drone delivery is a last-mile solution that’s been talked about but not launched on a large scale quite yet. FAST is the key, and faster is thought to be better for many consumers. Money, Fast, Easy are frequent “buttons” in the USA.
  12. Competition: In 2023, customers have more purchasing options than ever. That means businesses must work even harder (and smarter) to attract and retain customers.70% of organizations say customer service is directly connected to the performance of their business and 63% of them are prioritizing the customer experience. One critical way businesses are improving customer service is through the use of artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. Another is training staff on perfecting customer service. Then Gartner reports that customer service budgets are directing increased spending to the tech solutions. Can someone create better? Prediction shows spending on conversational AI solutions (speech) will reach $2 billion this year and cost-savings to reach $80 billion by 2026. That’s a lot to spend to make something human. Why not better training?
  13. The business world continues to invest heavily in social media and tech solutions. As these trends continue to develop, expect to see increased funding and product development. However, businesses will have to keep a sharp eye on consumer sentiment regarding environmental and corporate responsibility if they want to continue to attract new customers.

To research and tap into their thoughts, wants, and needs is the key to business success. After all, whatever you want to sell or trade requires a person at the other end wanting it!

-Lynda E. Hubbard, President
“We have a finger on the pulse of your public!”

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