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There are many people lately who feel they are no longer important. If a country or business or person makes others feel very unimportant their joy and love of life goes way down. This is when they can get into accidents, illnesses, sorrow or anger and fights or depression. This is so true you can see examples all around you.

If a person does this to another, most of us understand it is not right to make another feel unimportant and not wanted or needed. Especially with kids. What about a business that makes the employees feel like nothing or slaves and drives their emotions down so that they think little of themselves. There is a 30% increase in the last several years of millennial deaths from overdose and suicide. Then an alarming increase in missing children, right along with Fentanyl deaths of our kids. This killer drug (Fentanyl) is sprinkled into pot and cigarettes and even prescription drugs and a hot topic in many communities.

These kids are our next generation, don’t forget. But what has been systematically done to a whole country for decades and to their population? In the last decade our country was fed constant commercials telling them they are sick, ill, wrong, and MUST take a drug, shots, and unproven vaccines, and in effect we are test subjects. Also told we are useless except to buy things we can’t have or afford. The endless drug ads in the USA (which all other countries DO NOT ALLOW on TV) are hypnotic to some and need to be banned. Anyone talking about the facts is heavily censored, and even isolated, some sent from homes to hospitals, or the opposite– locked up or never seen again. What would a population feel like then? Where did the missing people go?

You get the point. This is what has happened and most of us, except a few that protested, most in the USA just let it happen. But think who really has benefited? Who has actually made money from this situation. Drug companies and Politicians, as well as Bankers and dishonest Psychiatrists supporting Big Pharma, some who invent even more revenue schemes instead of real help. It’s as if they want to get rid of any natural remedy for depression or illness and never condone the use of herbs, plants, naturopathic medicine. Even tried to get rid of chiropractic many years ago. Remedies that have worked for hundreds of years but cannot be patented (so they can’t own and control it!).

It’s almost like we were conditioned to “behave”, like a good dog. But we, the majority of people, are mighty. And most care about others and are basically good. We are a much larger group than those who don’t care. You all know there are those who would kill to grab more things or more money, not caring if they hurt others. This is also not a black or white thing, even if they try to make it so.

Time to wake up and smell the roses, get outside, take a walk, talk to friends and family, be creative and start anew in any endeavor that is your passion, and let’s help those who deserve it. There are all kinds that deserve our help and love, not only the homeless or our families. We deserve the care and attention from our own country. The world is finally waking up to a new era, not just in this country. One We can create by participating and not letting things get so out of control. Be responsible and find out.

Let’s work toward letting our elected officials know who is really running the country. Talk to them in your local councils as well as in the major halls of the legislatures. Too many unneeded laws. You are those building our country and working for positive change. It is not the elite, who are only 1%. They are not the majority. You have a say in things, so say it effectively and talk to those elected who are hired to be working for us, the people, for a good purpose. Or get others in office who will. (I know, it’s easier said than done…) Your ideas are probably much smarter and more positive than what we saw happening in the last few years from the “officials”. Your communications are needed. Keep communicating the truth.


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Lynda Hubbard, President,


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