Great Marketing Strategies for Business

An expert has written a marketing book that puts business owners in the driver’s seat and enables them to create effective advertising and marketing strategies of their own that are sure to increase business and profits.

Great marketing means increased profits. Yet, for many business owners, devising marketing strategies that work isn’t easy. If you’re a business owner, you want your name out there so people can see it. You also want to sell as much of your product as possible. But advertising and promotion can be an expensive proposition – and no one wants to throw money down the drain when it comes to marketing campaigns.

“Marketing is a subject that many business persons grapple with”, says Lynda Hubbard, owner of Trendcreators (, a full service PR and marketing firm located in Los Angeles, California. “When it comes to successful marketing campaigns, more advertising and promotional actions fail than succeed. As a result, many business owners will actually cut back on their marketing efforts when they should actually be doing just the opposite.”

What Hubbard is saying would seem to be true. A casual survey of business owners illustrates just what she is saying.

“I’m tired of losing money on marketing and advertising campaigns that don’t seem to bring in more money or business”, says one frustrated business owner. “I’ve tried various things to attract more business, including newspaper ads and radio. I’ve had a little success here and there, but for the most part, it’s bee hit or miss. I’ve definitely spent more money than I got back from advertising. But what an I going to do?”

Marketing is a big subject, and for many, something of a voodoo science. Sometimes it works, a lot of times it doesn’t. Marketing and advertising firms are more than happy to create marketing campaigns and strategies, but no marketing firm is going to guarantee the results.

Hubbard has tried to address this problem by creating an easy-to-understand, easy-to-follow marketing book that puts business owners back into the driver’s seat when it comes to marketing and advertising. The title of the book is “Know Before You Go”.

“I created the book because I wanted business owners to feel like they could actually find effective marketing solutions that will work,” she says. “Believe it or not, there are tricks of the marketing trade that business owners can learn and apply that are very, very effective. It is designed so that almost anybody can read it and then design their own effective marketing strategy – a marketing strategy that’s going to work and pull in more business.”

With almost two decades worth of experience in the marketing and public relations field, Lynda Hubbard has learned a thing or two about how to drum up business for her clients. One of the points that she emphasizes in her book is correct market research. Investigating and finding out exactly who your customers are, what they like, and where they come from are just a few key elements contained in her book.

“One of the biggest mistakes we can make as advertisers is to advertise what “we” like, and not what “they” like,” she says, referring to the potential differences in taste between business owners and their clients. “Oftentimes it is very surprising to see what the public is going to respond to in advertising. You have to be willing to take the “guesswork” out of advertising and marketing as much as possible, and make ads and promotion that people are going to respond to. That’s the trick, and it can be done, trust me.”

Those who have read it have found it to be completely understandable and more than helpful.

“I read the book and it totally shifted my viewpoint towards marketing and advertising,” says one business person. “I used to refuse to spend money on advertising because I thought it was such a waste. By following the principles she outlines in her book, however, I had a complete change of heart. Now I actually do advertising and promotion, and I have to admit, it’s working. Now I have more business than I know what to do with.”

Anyone interested in getting the book can go to

Hubbard hopes that the book will make business owners feel empowered so that they can take charge of their own promotion and advertising.

Those who follow the simple principles that I have in the book are going to be very happy with the results.” she says. “Marketing should make money for people, and if they follow the simple strategies in this marketing book, they will.”

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