The answer is to effectively promote. Use our survey company’s data for consumer research, healthcare market research, product surveys, and for B2B marketing agencies and it works great for any information your clients need.

Our Services Offered That Use Surveys to Gain Answers for Successful Marketing:

  1. Market Research and Surveys

We conduct accurate research and in-depth surveys to get inside the heads of your public or subject and find out the answers you need to promote effectively. All questions are well thought out to get the exact answers clients need, including what they really like, hate, have problems with, value, and what causes them to respond. It is written so it is conversational, specifically designed with proprietary techniques, along with our survey teams who are trained in spotting the emotions as well as pulling out all data for complete answers. This is vital for promoting to your target public and getting a high response.

  1. Public Relations Research and Promotion

The hot buttons and accurate research data we obtain includes what kinds of promotion they want, read, listen to most. Also where they go online and search terms. These are used to create the best PR messages online and pieces needed off-line to a very successful advantage. Your public relations (PR) follows what the target public feel they want to support, hate, love, and get involved in so you can effectively use it in all articles, radio shows, TV commercials, and online materials to create a very favorable image for your company or project.

  1. Internet Marketing Surveys

Our unique approach involves the Internet and other surveys done first, to find out Hot Buttons. Not just a “yes or no” answer or multiple choice. We find exactly what the target public for your services or product want, need, hate, love and value the most. Also, we find out where they go, what search terms they use online and more. This valuable data is then utilized for your online marketing campaign! All online marketing actions are based upon real data, exactly what target public says.

  1. Marketing Strategy and Programs in any Field

The best strategy is formed from accurate information, experience, and knowledge. We work with you to create a campaign or program fully written, using hot buttons, research, and client studies, written step by step, that can be done over a year or more. This is usually 15 pages+ and has projects within the program to follow, broken down so they can be implemented. They are also easy to monitor, so you can run other staff on marketing or PR actions.

Why do we recommend doing a market research survey?

A recent survey we conducted shows business people are confused by all the options! What platform to use? Google ads? Facebook? Linkedin? YouTube? Website with a landing page? Affiliates? Trade organization links? And on and on… It is endless what choices you have online now, as well as all the marketing is done offline.

But what is best for you or your business? Both online, as well as traditional promotion, may be necessary, but what? Where to place articles? What PR can you do and where? Then you have to consider all traditional promotional forms and what form to take­, what to say in a newsletter, the ad copy, and the image for postcards, brochures, info packets, posters, flyers, and letters, etc.

What If We Can Give You The Answers You Need?

Most business people tell us there are too many options. They are not sure what will work. This is what I hear from many business people today and when I suggest a survey or some market research for intelligent information, most have not tried it. They mainly assume they already know. Those that really did try to survey told me it didn’t work because they couldn’t get anyone to talk much, except their own clients. Smart companies always ask their clients lots of things and get continual feedback.

Why is that? Because they can give you what your exact public is thinking.

You are lost if you don’t know what they think, what they want, and how the public will respond.

What most people expect from a survey or research is enough data and answers so they can get an idea of what to do, and how to do it.

We provide an in-depth survey and analysis with step by step sequences of what actions to take.

The top answers and the public’s emotional responses are part of the survey and lead to better copy and design. The step by step right sequence of actions is found and recommended to give you what to do and suggested ways to do it. This is essential for any PR you are doing as well as promoting and selling. Take all the guesswork out of your marketing.

Accurate market research helps you do more things that work, with less time and less cost or resources. No guesswork.

What does it take to create a company and market it successfully? You know it takes perseverance.

But it’s a lot easier to do your marketing with the correct information!

We know how to compose great questions that elicit responses. And communicate with any type of public until we get the answers you need. We know how to elicit their emotional responses and pull out their real answers, not just superficial.

This includes pure research, in-depth surveys, PR (public relations), Internet marketing actions, written promotion, marketing strategies and programs. We find out how to get your product or service in the hands of your public for money or some exchange of services. Whether it’s for consumer research, product surveys, healthcare market research, or B2B marketing agencies, we can handle any type of market research.

Our clients include anyone from software companies, entrepreneurs, doctors, lawyers, independent business owners, and artists or high-tech companies all over the United States.

Tell us what you need and we will listen!

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