Marketing Strategy and Programs from Your Research

It’s time to create and implement your marketing and PR strategy.

A good strategy is formed from:

  1. Accurate information
  2. Experience
  3. Knowledge

We work with you to create a fully written campaign or program, using the hot buttons, research, client studies, successful actions, and all of our combined experience into a written step by step program covering one to two years. This is usually 15+ pages or more and contains projects within the program to follow, broken down so they can be implemented. Also, this is easy to monitor, so you can run other staff on marketing or PR actions.

Have you always wanted to know how to get your business up to the next level?

Want to have more profits to expand?

Have you always wondered what it took for your company to be well-known or famous?

Get step-by-step, easy-to-implement programs to smoothly run your marketing or PR programs for the year. Don’t depend upon guesswork.

The difference is:

  • Step-by-step delineation actions in a simple and doable format
  • Working with staff and clients until the best sequence of actions are obtained
  • Marketing/PR programs based off an overall strategic plan envisioned by the client, with specific weekly targets to ensure consistency in marketing or PR actions
  • Accurate research and survey information to utilize for your strategy

Get professional help and experience to plan and write a marketing campaign that works! After 25 years of experience, we can create the right PR or marketing campaign for any business, including artists or any entrepreneur with a good idea for a new business. Grant writers are available.

Marketing Consulting: Hourly or in blocks of 10 hours at a time with top marketing or PR professional. Ask us about it! Get the information you need.

For a Business Plan: We can write the “Marketing” section, fully developed with a strategy for your proposed business along with your market research survey results.

Note: B2B Marketing Agencies—excellent discounts are given for consulting and management companies as well as PR companies—ask us about this.

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