Whether it is in business or in the arts, there are several ways to handle a problem.

First spot the field you have a problem in and find the biggest problem(s) in that field. If you reverse engineer it, you can get back to where the problem originated, how it started and find a way that now works.

I am using my non-profit, www.Artistsforabetterworld.art, for example.  

In researching the arts and artists, going back for centuries, there are a few problems that were created that kept art and artists down.

  1. The stigma of the “starving artist”:  That if you go into the Arts, you won’t be able to make a lot of money. This type of view, makes artists think they won’t be able to support themselves with art. It stands as a deterrent, making people shy away from the arts as their main work, and it becomes a part-time activity “when they are not working.”  Yet millions of artists today are now going online, creating a following, making a living with their art.  It takes knowledge and work, training in the online avenues, but it IS doable. Anyone telling you that you can’t make money from art comes from those who can’t create or only money motivated. Art actually uplifts people, raises a society into more awareness, pleasure and even happiness. This attracts money and rewards.
  2. “Only a few special people are of the quality of Rembrandt or Mozart”. Some can’t envision anyone breaking out and creating something in the Arts that will last. They are looking at the past, where there were Patrons of the Arts, like the Medici’s and the Church in Italy. And royalty in Europe, Russia, and Asia. The Kings or Emperors selected the best artists and they controlled and paid for what was created even though it originally probably came from the pocketbooks of the citizens! There was tight control by churches and world leaders on what is art, and what art could be displayed, and they certainly had their own agenda. That will not work today. Look at what the Beatles and Michael Jackson did. There is art all around us, lots online and off-line, some stunning work in sculpture, books, music, painting and even graffiti! If you look online, you see new musicians and artists in all fields, demonstrating what they do, performing and showing others how they work, and some making a good living doing it and even paid by Facebook or YouTube if they have a big following! If they have talent and show it, there are people who want to see it, learn it, and share it.  Go to: www.artistsforabetterworld.art  for examples.
  3. “Artists have to be discovered by art critics and reviewers”. Almost all these people are NOT artists. Who gave them special qualifications to tell us who is a good artist and who is not? They seem to criticize artists, rather than enlighten us about new art forms or new artists. That is because they themselves can’t do it. Many of these people are against anyone doing things that is enlightening or different, they tend to keep a tight hold on their area. They don’t report all the wonderful artists. Skip the news and break through this elitist game. Forget the reviewers, see the art for yourself and decide.  Don’t forget to “like” things you see!  That is the validation the artists need from the public, and it encourages more art.
  4.  Finally, artists haven’t been very organized in the past, with only a few noted groups having success. It may be that all they need is the knowledge of how to organize a group, or the technologies that can back up and support an artist group. Not until recently have we seen art groups online that consistently post and sponsor helpful webinars for artists. Many artists work alone, and know only their field of interest, but could be sharing what they know to a whole new group of people that are interested and want it. The technology online needs to be simplified, easier to use, and fast, so artists can get out to millions more than they would have in the past.

“One artist working with a team can accomplish much more than alone”. Join or create a team that helps you or any artist friends thrive.

It’s time to get more positive motion going in the Arts…  

Let me know if you perform, paint, write, sing, do photography, or your own create. Love to hear from you.  Text: 818-486-8553    afabwVP@gmail.com or www.Artistsforabetterworld.Art  non-profit

Lynda Hubbard, President TrendCreators marketing

P.S. You can market anything in the arts. I will show you how. Survey information gives you the key buttons from the people you want to interest, so you can engage them and offer your products or services successfully.

My flower that comes up yearly! – L.H.

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