No matter who you are, you may be surprised there are things you don’t know, there are many changes. You are always marketing— yourself, your ideas, your services, if only to your family and friends.

After 25 years in business, I have found marketing can be understood as a whole process IF you stop guessing and do your research. 

Observe for yourself instead of always depend upon experts. The best business people I have met are down to earth as well. They know when they don’t know something and go to where they can find out.  Otherwise, you miss the mark in your promotion and marketing strategy.

The buying and selling of goods and services are timeless and always based upon some form of communication. People think. To be able to engage them, you have to know how they think. This requires surveying them with specific communication, interviewing them to get their thought and buttons, and researching past information you may have overlooked.  

How many of you think marketing is just sales?  Just good PR online? Just lots of ads?  Just a mess? …

If you don’t know the whole process called marketing you will miss the mark. That’s why we start basic, with a 36 point marketing and PR analysis of your business or book or movie or just an idea you have.  Then precision surveys are done after finding your exact public (people), so you can engage them correctly. This greatly simplifies your life with exact actions that will get best response. 

So stop fretting about your website or online business or company and start with something to get you out of any confusion, on your way to developing the right strategy and message that makes you more successful. My book coming out on the subject will also help you do this yourself. You will no longer be confused about what to do.  Take the time to clarify.

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