Market Research Surveys: The First Step to More Profits

What do we do best? We help you communicate with your target public.

Don’t underestimate the power of communication to those you want to influence, whether you are a business, an entrepreneur, or an individual. We find out the hot buttons, the words they use, and whatever else will get their instant response for your business.

Promotion piece not getting your customers? Social media posts and blogs not getting much traction? Is the website no longer getting clicks?

Did you try asking your public why? We can do the following:

Pure marketing research packages:
We can conduct both large national marketing research projects, local library & direct personal contact research, as well as the latest Internet computer searches, can be done by our team.

The “public” in marketing terms, are the people you want to reach with your service or products, similar to their profile. It’s a detailed look at who they are, where they are, and demographic information to target whoever needs or wants the service or product.

Market Research and Surveys: What Sets Us Apart?

We have discovered that most “hit or miss” and shotgun marketing, which produce poor results, can be vastly improved with initial in-depth interviews of the exact target public by phone or in person, which elicits their real opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, what they value most, and what promotional/advertising they actually look at or read most.

Usually, a company does not bother even doing a survey or research and just depends upon its executives “knowing” what the public will think or want.

We found that often does not work and that only accurate, in-depth information right from the mouths of the targeted public is the way to really “know before you go”.

What surveys can we do? There are over 57 types of surveys, but the most popular are:

Business Expansion, Customer Loyalty, New Product or Service, and Online surveys

Research packages: Online and offline in-depth survey, in person or calls, made to gather precise competition or other detailed information, depending on length. Also, Internet surveys can be conducted, after getting initial information on the target public.

Surveys: Initially for 75-100 targeted public (or up to 500 surveys nationally) either by phone, in person or online surveys fully tabulated and analyzed and up to 12 questions. We can contact the hard-to-reach public such as C-level executives. Results are tabulated and analyzed in easy-to-understand language with recommendations.

Our research and survey packages are very affordable. Rates vary with the job.

We ensure you obtain:

  • High percentage buttons
  • Specially designed questions using specific techniques and technology
  • Accurate information on promotional tastes of the public
  • Correct demographics, only the target public is surveyed
  • Emotional responses obtained in person and on the phone
  • Analysis and recommendations, for a simple marketing plan

We are one of a very small number of companies that can conduct:

  1. Positioning surveys (which goes with branding) to find out exactly how to best place your service or product in the public’s mind. Where do you want to stand out, compared to others?
  2. Customer Loyalty to your current clients.
  3. Healthcare Market Research on doctors and other professionals.
  4. Product surveys, also to find out what the public think about ideas for new products.
  5. Naming surveys for products, books, and company names.
  6. Impression Test surveys, to test out a promotion or designs on a target public for feedback.
  7. B2B Agency work, as needed, giving discounted prices.
  8. Business Expansion surveys and even surveys on your personnel, to spot trouble areas.

We can create any custom-made survey to your exact needs.

Call 818-486-8553 or now for personalized marketing research packages for your business.