The New Generation of Marketing

The word marketing itself means “to take to market” and comes from the Latin word for “ to trade”. For hundreds of years, still in many third world countries today, they have an open market where everyone brings their goods or wares.
Like an outdoor swap meet! In modern times this means to simply take any idea, or product, or service through a process to get it out to the target audience on the right channels in exchange for something ($ or barter!). If it’s great but no one sees it, it is not marketed. If it is good, and gets out to people who actually want to pay for it, it has just been marketed.

When you get a perspective on marketing, even a local doctor or artist can see that they need to present themselves to their specific market. EVERY MARKET IS NOT THE SAME.

Marketing can be exciting, interesting, and sexy. It does not have to be a dead subject, or something boring that a salesman does to get your money.

It is something that not just the Madison Avenue advertisers can use effectively. In short, it is something that everyone that wants to present his product or service or even himself, can successfully apply.

One of the quickest ways to fail is to never try. I guarantee if you understand all the things you can do with marketing and actually APPLY and use the information, you will be better off than when you started.

Some business owners literally kill themselves trying to market their business to get more PROFITS. There is a way to do it without committing hara-kiri!

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