Marketing Basics can be exciting, interesting, and sexy.

Marketing can be exciting, interesting, and sexy.  It does not have to be a dead subject, or something boring that a salesman does to get your money.

It is something that not just the Madison Avenue advertisers can use effectively.  In short, it is something that everyone that wants to present his product or service or even himself, can successfully apply.

One of the quickest ways to fail is to never try.  I guarantee if you understand all the things you can do with marketing strategies for small business and actually APPLY and use the information, you will be better off than when you started.

Some business owners literally kill themselves trying to market their business to get more PROFITS.  There is a way to do it without committing hara-kiri!

Who would have thought that eating a burger with catsup spilling down making a mess could be sexy?  Carls’s Jr. did.  When their ad had a beautiful girl in a white blouse, eating a burger, with handsome boys nearby hanging on to see where and when each drop of catsup would fall—so did the audience.

Who would have thought that a goofy-looking guy crossing a street could be exciting.  Gap jeans did. When they used special effects to make him double jointed and practically dance across the street in impossible contortions, we couldn’t keep our eyes off him.

Who would think you could take a small local business and make it memorable all over the country?  Ask—Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, etc…

The point is that you can take anything, any IDEA for a service you perform or a product you create and put it through the marketing steps to get it known, well thought of, in demand, and bought.  Anything.

You can take yourself and market yourself successfully.  Whole companies are devoted to creating stars or celebrities.  In one way or another, in a big or small market, each one of us is marketing ourselves to others without knowing.  You have to sell your idea to your wife, husband, parent, partner, associate, investor, or teenager (!) and get some agreement, before it goes into effect.

The “Know before You Go Series” is a no-nonsense approach to marketing based on Ms. Hubbard’s experiences helping hundreds of company owners with their marketing and publicity.

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