Time to put your bright idea to the test and find out if people want it, would buy it, or what they think about it.

Whether it is a product, service, book, film, or non-profit venture, most of us have a deep desire to create. It all starts with an idea.

The top inventors and artists of all times started with an idea, decided to do it, and got responses from their audience that increased their fame and sometimes their fortune. Their ideas helped or enriched our lives.

I was in Art College at 18 and had a scholarship to go to Europe. I traveled around the world, up into the hills of Nepal and back, talking to a lot of people, sketching and painting. I was surprised that people actually paid me to illustrate a book or capture their likeness. It was thrilling and educational. I sold a lot of sketches and paintings. Then later, working in a film studio in California I learned about the power of research and marketing. And have since then helped thousands over 25 years to put their own ideas into practice, create more interest, sell more, and be happier.

Whether you have a hidden talent, a bright idea, or an invention that’s ready for the light of day, do something to forward your idea and let your audience see and hear about it. Test it out.

Don’t regret not taking the steps to advance your idea.

There are tons of examples of people who stepped out of their comfort zone and made an impact on the world.  

Mark Twain tested out his stories when meeting throngs of people on the river boats up and down the Mississippi. 

The renaissance artists were given some freedom by Lorenzo de Medici to create, and test out their ideas in the arts and sciences.  Galileo and Di Vinci were two that gained wide public attention.

George Lucas first had to write down his ideas and he tested it out on people. His final scripts came out of encouragement from his group and the stories captured the interest of people or they would never have succeeded.  He created a large audience that is still enamored with his works to this day.

Steve Jobs has a quote I like to use, since it puts his success into perspective.  

“To me, marketing is about values. This is a very complicated world; it’s a very noisy world. And we’re not going to get the chance to get people to remember much about us.   No company is. So we have to be really clear on what we want them to know about us.”

What really makes our country great is our inventiveness, creativity, and freedom to put ideas into practice.  That’s what I think and I bet a lot of you do too. 

We, here at Trendcreators, test audience response in person, by phone or Skype and quickly find out how people really think about your idea, what they want, don’t want, their value and their motivation as well as what they would pay for it. It is vital for your Public Relations also.

We can help you turn your idea into reality. Even if you discover it is not wanted, you may discover what is. 

Envision, Create, Research


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Lynda Hubbard, President

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