How to spot your Confusions in marketing and really Expand!

Did you know that there really is something called Confusion Marketing!

It creates a state of mind that leads to consumers (you) making imperfect purchasing decisions (spending money you didn’t need to). As customers, you may lack information or confidence while making a purchase. A visit to supermarkets can be used as an example of confusion marketing.  For example: In the fruits and vegetable aisle, we can see juices from different brands. However, these packaged fruit juices are generally placed close to real fruits. This gives a perception that the juices are all natural (which many are not)

There are more and more companies today than ever before online. We are no longer confined to the stores in our own city, but can order from anywhere in the world. Research has also shown that people give less of their attention than ever to marketing and advertising. A product or brand name is lucky if they get three seconds of a prospect’s time, so any description needs to be concise and get to the point. This is where doing your research and in-depth surveys is VERY VALUABLE.  We also find out WHERE TO CONCENTRATE your efforts since there are confusions about what to do:  Website? PR articles?  Google Ads? Facebook? Brochure? Emails? SEO?  Sales Funnels? E-books? Webinars? Podcasts? Cable?  Blogs?  Radio?  etc…

Lynda Hubbard | Trendcreators Marketing Research Specialist

FUNNY EXAMPLES of those that did not research first:

1.  Just relying on cleverness can backfire. One example is when the American Dairy Association used its “Got Milk?” campaign in Spanish-speaking countries where it was translated into “Are You Lactating?” 

2.  When Electrolux marketed its vacuum cleaners in the U.S. with the tag line: “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux.”

3. Many brands have made the mistake of creating text in one language and having it directly translated for a foreign country. Some examples of big brands making big mistakes like  Coca-Cola‘s brand name when it was first marketed in China  and was sometimes translated as “Bite The Wax Tadpole.”

4.  Parker Pens brought their product to Spain with the slogan “It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you”. But the translation came out “It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant.”

As you can see, WHAT YOU SAY MAKES A DIFFERENCE— And how you say it…

We help you spot the confusions you may have in your marketing that are holding you back from making money.

When you get research done, you find out what is missing and what are the hot Buttons that cause your public to respond.  We go to the exact people you want, those that really desire your product or services or interested in them, and find out all about their likes, dislikes, attitudes, and opinions they BASE THEIR DECISIONS UPON. 

We research online, in person, or by phone—whatever it takes to get the information you need to create a successful marketing strategy. 

We analyze what is missing in your PR and Marketing so you can STAY ON TOP OF IT.

We discover how you can stand out and APPEAL BEST TO GET THEM TO RESPOND.

You’re not alone.

We welcome entrepreneurs, any type of business owner or manager, artists, and authors, or filmmakers.  Or simply those with a bright idea that needs to happen. 

“Lynda and the team at Trendcreators has been instrumental with their survey services of my area. She has been able to pinpoint exactly what my public thinks and needs from my services. Her surveys have really enlightened a complete point of view from my public that and I had no idea they viewed my profession this way. Thank you, Lynda, for helping me be able to reach out to my potential patients in ways I never dreamed possible.”

Dr. Jeffrey Alvarado, DDS, Lakes Family Dental, McAllen, TX   Lynda Hubbard, President

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