What could you do with that time

Whether it is your computer, your smart phone, smart watch, or the TV screen, since we had to shelter in place most of us got used to watching screens a lot more. Some find themselves on screens instead of talking to each other or learning something new. Sound familiar?

This is for all those who value their time and their energy, and also may be overwhelmed with the amount of tech there is now online.  There is even some evidence that watching screens too much can be unhealthy.

How much time do you take up looking at your screens or cleaning up spam from your devices or blocking ads?  Ads and spam come in on all your devices, much of it unwanted. Even with the use of IA to determine what kinds of ads you want look at, Ads are becoming over-the-top. Especially drug ads, many ads do not just make you feel better but have a ton of side effects.

 Think about the waste of time you spend looking for things or trying to delete things.

What could you do with that time?  Time is your life going on and on.  How do you want it to be? How long can it be?

I have a small sign at the bottom of my big computer screen (the one I use for business) that says “Income Producing Communication Only” to remind me of how much time I waste on other things and don’t get vital business actions done or implement a bright idea I just had.

We are in the information overload age and need to keep up with all the changes plus figure exactly what ARE the main things important to you.

I always like to start simply. 
What are the things that:  1. I must do survive better, 2. I need to do to get income in, including artists 3. The things I must do for my growing family, 4. What I can help others, especially with my non-profit organizations.

Everything else is extra. That is not to say it is not wanted, it can be scheduled in after the above 4 points. Learning, training, researching, bright ideas, and playing are important to continue to grow. Be open to real progress but do the things that are most important FIRST.  Someone wisely once said you can earn your loafing time after doing the things that are vital first.

Once you do the above, you can use your time more wisely to get things done faster and better. It helps you organize your day, and it feels great at the end when you accomplish the things you intended! Yay, you did it!

Remember, as our society gets more and more complex, with more things to learn or operate, the best things happen because an individual thought of it, worked for it, and others joined in. It was not thought of by an AI, it was you or me and other people.
This also helps us work for a better country, better world, and one where you can have honest communication with others and feel secure, productive, and happy.

That is what I wish for you, my friends. Each day you can do it. Make it your own!

 Lynda Cain Hubbard
President, Trend creators market research and strategy

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