As adults we need answers in life.

One of the definitions of guessing is to form a judgment or estimate of something without actual knowledge. We all loved the guessing games, charades, and others, while growing up. As adults we need answers in life.

Many clients over 30 years come to me because they no longer wanted to leave it up to chance.  They realized they didn’t know everything in business, especially about marketing, and wanted to be able to attract and interest their public so they could offer them something and sell it. Even today, clients are now looking back at their business and see that it is not doing as well as it should. Many used promotions, wordings, ads, techniques, the latest things that they thought would work, but never tested until they spent money and failed to get the business they should have.

The first point to make is: 
1. People don’t think exactly like you do. We business owners sometimes think we know it all, but environments are always changing. What worked the last few years may not work now. To interest customers in any type of business requires research. You must know your public and also be able to predict the changes. It is not about what you think, it is what do they think. That is why we survey them directly, over the phone or zoom or in person. We also know how to ask the right questions in the right way to get their thoughts and feelings. We can hear or see how the public responds to key questions and this is vital for correct promo and marketing.  No online check off survey will give you this information. Our team can tell if hesitations and ask for what they really think, not just a yes/no answer. This is also very useful for Public Relations as well.

2. Just because you are the business owner, you do not know what and how your public think in different situations. Because of the pandemic, which caused a huge change, some businesses were shut down or operating at low capacity and finding it hard to stay in business. The things that they thought worked did not work anymore. Example: Closing of some restaurants. Most had to get an online site and home delivery to survive! 

3. Don’t take stale data. Now we have AI and many other things and it is highly recommended any business update their research every two years at least. The survey and research of the public, if accurately done, tells what people are now thinking and wanting. This is vital to know if you have a business.

4. Find the Buttons from a survey. Those are the things that your public is thinking and feeling most about a business, product or service. It is the highest percentage answer when doing and tabulating a survey and what will interest or attract your public most. We find this every time. In fact, I do an analysis and recommendations on every survey as well as write sample promotion using the top Buttons. I want you to be able to use the data immediately.

You know a recent client was going to get a survey from us, and talking at length to their manager I found out what was missing and needed. Before I could send the proposal the next day, the manager said he was sorry but the owner said he thought he knew what to say and decided to send out promotion immediately, without the survey results. He was definitely guessing about what they may want, since it was a new service he wanted to offer, and was sure they would want it. So far not much action, but I wish them well. In my experience if you just throw out promotion on something that has not been tested or researched yet the odds are against you. Why not beat the odds and win!  Research and survey first.

Psychologists and even doctors really don’t know much either. They depend upon research from the big drug companies. Or what their huge medical company dictates. Many just listen to their superiors, who also don’t know. Their research could show how a drug helps or that it hurtsbut most is geared to make money on it so they prefer to push that it helps. They are also guessing. And pity the poor individual who does not research it. This is the worst of gambling and you are playing a guessing game with your health if you trust them. Research it for yourself and find out before taking anything from people you do not know.

Is it a reliable source? Do they have a lot of money in the game? Are they really telling you the best for your individual situation? This works for marketing as well.

For example, I trust David Brier for advice on Branding because he uses research and has found like I have that when you Help people, really help them, you get the greatest reward. A reward seeing them do well as well as monetarily. There are those businesses that earn your trust since they do what they say they will and genuinely want to help you do better. Those are the businesses we should all seek. It would turn around some of the problems we face. It is about listening to the right things that can help, not just promise you the sky.  I know a few very rich people, and only the ones that are helping others while making a good living are really happy. Those that gouge others just for profit for themselves and collect millions (or billions) on the backs of others, are not in touch with what people really need. Eventually if they don’t contribute to helping will find no one believes or wants them anymore.

A person is as happy as he can contribute to others and his family and survive doing the honest things in life—Staying happy and healthy because they are valued by all.

I value you, my friends. Stay happy.

Lynda Cain Hubbard  
President, Trend creators market research and strategy   

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