“Each one of us is involved in Marketing and PR actions all the time if only to get agreement from others for our own ideas.”

I love to obtain and analyze fact-based data in simple to understand terms so that business owners can immediately use it to expand.” – Lynda Cain Hubbard

As a marketing executive professional for 25 years, Lynda Hubbard has expertise and experience in advertising, public relations, and survey technology. She has owned her own marketing company since 1991 and conducts market research surveys for other businesses with strong research and survey teams. She utilizes the experience she originally obtained at a film studio, both on the set and in the marketing department. Her team conducts market research surveys in person, by phone, or electronically. She keeps busy working Business to Business with entrepreneurs and consulting firms throughout the United States.

Ms. Hubbard has often thought about how her marketing research company, Trendsetters and now re-branded TrendCreators, has helped literally hundreds if not thousands of company owners, from small to larger companies and start-ups in their marketing and publicity. So she recently decided to put all her experience, both in the arts at a prestigious art college and experience marketing, down in a basic book and wrote about market research with examples for her clients and any business owner.

The Know Before You Go series, book one (coming out soon) is Smart Use of Market Research for Business Success, which outlines what marketing really entails in a simple, no-nonsense approach. The book also gives lots of examples and excellent actions they can do to successfully market themselves in a competitive environment.

Ms. Hubbard has been interviewed on college, AM, and FM radio stations, and has had articles on marketing and PR published online and in local newspapers in the Los Angeles area where she now lives with her family.

“The art in each of us is the very best of what we are and do. Letting that come through in my own life is one of the best things I have ever done.”   — Lynda

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Our Teams

We use trained professionals in all areas of our marketing research company. The teams are drilled as well as fully briefed on any market research survey before starting. Surveyors, survey data tabulators, PRs (public relations people), ad copywriters, and marketing/advertising designers are all very experienced in their fields for years. Some of our experienced associates also help plan and implement successful marketing strategies.

Only by applying the correct marketing data discovered, and implementing it in effective strategies, can you see the full results.

The TrendCreators team can get you the results you want from your research data.

Thanks to all associates, writing groups, and team members who all contribute to our success!