We know you can’t sell it if they don’t want it, and we are here to help you overcome this with the correct market research.

Want to have SUCCESS in your business and more income, more customers, and expand WITHOUT THE STRESS?

We find the top buttons THAT SET YOU APART and cause your public to ENGAGE WITH YOU, CONTACT YOU, BUY FROM YOU.

We get inside the heads of the precise people for your product or services and recommend specific actions from the vital information we uncover.

If you are inquiring about our services, email: trendcreatorsinfo@gmail.com

For clients please contact:  Lynda Hubbard, President:  818-486-8553

Client Testimonials                                 

“ Since I have been working with Trendcreators, my income has continued to rise. It’s funny, but many of us feel we have the tools to help our business, but we just don’t have proper application. Trendcreators gives me guidance on implementation and that’s the key! You can get ideas from a million sources, but how do you put it all together and apply proper implementation? Well, just ask Lynda Hubbard! “

Dr. George Malnati –Owner / Medical Clinic in Florida

 “After being in practice almost three decades, we thought we pretty much had all bases covered, yet had reached a flat point in our income. In just a few months with Trendcreators we doubled our income and more! If you want more new customers or patients, I highly recommend you call them.”

Barry Shereshevsky – Creative Director and CEO / Shereshevshy Design Group

“I contacted Lynda for a survey that was needed super-fast to meet a very big deadline that was fast approaching.  Lynda responded immediately!  She and her team of professionals understood what I needed and, without hesitation, got the job done. I received a very professional result which I was able to use right away!  I met my deadline and was thrilled to see that the results of the survey. It made all the difference in my project. The job you delivered was exactly what I hoped for!”                                                                  

Kathy Morrill – Director of Special Project,  Los Angeles, CA

“Ms. Hubbard fully understands and duplicates how to market using survey technology. Her product is “knowledge” and “understanding your marketplace” and my clients have been extremely happy when receiving and then using the data she gathers to expand their services and products”

DR.Terino,  M.D. –Founder & President / Plastic Surgery Institute of Southern California