Why Survey?

Why Survey? Most people “survey” every day. In the broad meaning of the word, to survey simply means the careful examination of something, as a whole and in detail. To look over a menu, to check out clothing shops, to decide what to cook, what to eat or what to wear on a date, we […]

A big No-no!

Stopping something that is actually working (a big no-no!) If you have successful marketing promotion or other marketing actions that are bringing in clients or customers, keep doing it and don’t stop until it is no longer working. A promotion piece or strategy that is working should be continued until it is not getting results. […]

Losing control of Marketing

Always monitor how your marketing actions are doing, weekly, monthly and yearly. Keep track and find out what is working, what is not. You will have much better coordination and can quickly revise things that are not working—IF you monitor it accurately and know it is not working. Whether you do this on computer, using […]