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Know Before You Go! About Trendcreators Marketing Research

Marketing can be confusing! We can help—Find out what’s missing in your marketing. Don’t waste your money and valuable time trying strategies without testing first.

Our initial package includes a full 36-point analysis checklist covering all marketing actions including our recommendations, to spot what is needed, what is missing, what is not working and why, so you can turn it around FAST.

Get accurate information from a professional so your marketing and promotion is WORKING! More leads, more business, means more income & more profits!

This is Trendcreators’ Specialty: Marketing Research & Strategies that get Results! Trendcreators’ surveys are not just simple polls – there’s a LOT more to it! Creating and improving successful marketing results – through precise marketing research and effective application of the information gained – has been the focus of Trendcreators since its founding in 1993.

We handle marketing and promotion research and implementation – from concept to execution for any product or service – for the internet, radio, TV, print media, public relations events: any and all channels.

There’s a war going on out there.The assault is on your mind and the weapons used are words and pictures. The words and pictures have won when they have caught your attention and captured your dollars for a service or a product. Trendcreators utilizes a precision marketing technology for research, surveys and “brand positioning” that is APPLIED to real world business situations.

We use trained professionals in all areas – surveyors, survey data tabulators, PRs (public relations people), ad copy writers, and marketing/advertising designers. Then, our experienced management consultants plan and implement marketing strategies that work. Only by APPLYING the correct marketing data discovered, and IMPLEMENTING it in effective strategies, can you see the full RESULTS of successful marketing. Trendcreators gets results, not just research data.

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Thanks to all Associates, Writing Group, and Team members that all contribute to our success!