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Promotion and Public Relations (PR)

GET WELL KNOWN WITH EFFECTIVE Promotion and Public Relations (PR)

Public Relations: Articles that interest the reader about your product are very important. They can be written, and posted online to hundreds of sources that deal with media, also targeted to specific media, as well as submitted to all the online magazines, off line and online newspapers, and trade organizations and more. Blogs can be created for you, using research data, and blogging is highly recommended as well as using articles on social media sites to link to your website and business. We use the research we gather to create articles using Hot Buttons and capturing their interest in a creative way. Even bad reports on a company can be handled with an overwhelming number of good reports and articles.



Promotion: From the research and surveys we find out WHAT EXACT media your public wants to receive. We can then create what was called for, whether it is Ads, email campaigns, copy & design for any promotion, brochures, newsletters, electronic media kit designed for use online, TV ads, internet ads, online short videos and more, to help you get more business.

Placement in all online media appropriate for your business or product. Also submissions to magazines, TV or other media sources as appropriate.

Copy writing using all buttons, research, includes brochures, newsletters, websites, info packets, sales materials, PR articles, a series of 5-10 Emails in a campaign, etc. These can be used for social media and blogging. Cost depends upon length of time or pacakage.

Brochures Includes all copy writing, 4 color design work, fully ready to print or publish to the web. Includes 2 changes. Same for other forms of promotion, small or large.

Info Packets: Containing at least 4 items and cover folder designed. Each piece is designed also as a stand-alone (can be used or mailed separately). All copy writing, design work is done, printer ready & internet ready. Includes 2 changes.

All other smaller promotion, postcards, flyers, etc. can be created. Copy writing and designs are all printer-ready. Depends upon length of time needed for the job.

Top Professional is used for Name and Logo designs— available upon request.

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