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Market Research Surveys

The first step to more profits: Market Research Surveys

Marketing research packages:
Both large national marketing research projects, local library & direct personal contact research as well as the latest Internet computer searches can be done by our team.

The PUBLIC: In marketing terms, they are the people you want to reach with your service or products. It’s a detailed look at who they are, where they are, and demographic information to target who needs or wants the service or product.

Market Research and Surveys:

WHAT SETS US APART: We have discovered that most “hit or miss” and shotgun marketing, which produces poor results, can be vastly improved with initial in-depth interviews of the exact target public by phone or in person, which elicits their real opinions, thoughts, likes, dislikes, what they value most, and what promotional/advertising they actually look at or read MOST. We can then do Online surveys narrowed down to what will get RESULTS. We are objective and know how to get what they don’t like as well as what they do. This data is invaluable for further marketing and ANY advertising, internet or PR campaigns. It is also used for further online surveys. We have been doing this for over 20 years as trained communicators, and we can reach ANYONE. We strive for high percentage answers, and design questions in order to achieve that. We test the questions out first, after client input, and we are communication experts in pulling strings to get all the data in a non-confrontational, very conversational method. “Know Before You Go” (see book on Home page) is our philosophy, to prevent wasting time and money on strategies that won’t work. Our method WORKS!

Research packages: Online and off line IN-DEPTH SURVEY, in person or calls made to gather precise competition or other detailed information, depending on length. Also Internet surveys can be conducted, after getting initial information on the target public.

Surveys: Initially for 75-100 targeted public (or 100 up to 500 online surveys fully tabulated and analyzed) up to 8 to 12 questions. We can contact Hard- to- reach public. Tabulated/analyzed in easy-to-understand language with recommendations

Research and survey packages are Very Affordable. Rates vary with job.

We ensure we obtain:

o high percentage buttons
o specifically designed questions using specific techniques and technology
o accurate information on promotional tastes of the public
o correct demographics, only the target public is surveyed
o and emotional responses obtained on phone surveys

We are one of a very small number of companies that can conduct positioning surveys (branding) to find out exactly how to best place your service or product in the public’s mind. Where do you stand, compared to others?

Surveys can be conducted on Personnel, current Clients, General public, Women, Executives, Doctors and other Professionals. Also we can survey for Names of a company or products and test out promotion or designs on a target public for feedback.

We can create custom made surveys to your exact needs.

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